Magazine Racks

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Do you need an elegant way of organising your favourite Sunday reads? Take a look at our selection of wooden magazine racks. Place them close to your armchair and your living room will feel even more welcoming and inviting.

Our solid oak magazine racks will keep your magazines and newspapers organised. They offer the solution when you want to avoid the clutter of newspapers on the floor or random copies around your home. Isn’t it great to always know where to find your favourite catalogue or the Sunday paper, which you have been saving? Now that you have the time to relax with a crossword and have some time to yourself, the last thing you would want is to start searching for that newspaper.

Tudor Oak magazine racks will add a touch of English cosy charm to your traditional living room. At the same time, they are great to keep your magazines and newspapers neat. And why not choose a magazine rack table and get two for the price of one? Its roomy surface is great for placing a drink on.

All our wooden magazine racks are handmade with the same attention to detail as the rest of our furniture. They will fit perfectly with our living room furniture and will complement your coffee table or your side table.