Bookcases & Bookshelves

You can tell a lot about the people by the books that they read. And what is a better way to display your favourite books than in solid oak bookcases.

At Tudor Oak we know how to make a perfect bookcase for you. Each bookcase from Tudor Oak is handmade to order and therefore unique. We can make a built-in bookcase in modern style or a very tall bookcase up to the ceiling, with a ladder, if your space calls for height.

Our solid oak bookcases come with open shelves or glazed doors; we can make panel doors, with plain or shaped panels. It can have drawers or a reading slide.

Solid English oak used to make our high quality furniture, is responsibly sourced in UK or in France, first air dried for a few years and then kiln dried to achieve the required moisture content. It is then cut and stored with special care. Our skilled, experienced and talented craftsmen select each piece individually.

Each piece of our furniture goes through our unique polishing process, achieving a dark oak or a light oak shade, matching the client’s existing furniture if required. Reproduction furniture can be aged and distressed to achieve the well-lived look of a true antique.

An oak bookcase made by Tudor Oak can be customised with bespoke hand carving, maybe with a family crest, thus making it not only a practical addition to your home and a beautiful piece of furniture to be admired, but a real family heirloom.

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