Bureaux & Cabinets

A classic bureau is a perfect way to organise working places in the home or at the office. Constant use of a computer sooner or later makes you want to hide it for a while, at least at home. An oak bureau looks as if it was specially designed to solve this problem, even though it was first made by furniture craftsmen in the 19th century for secure storage of letters and papers.

The bureaux created at Tudor Oak are made of beautiful and strong English or European oak (Quercus Robur). It is more expensive than its American, Canadian or Eastern European cousin, but it has unique beauty and patina that makes furniture made of it so highly appreciated everywhere. It has been used for ages by English cabinetmakers.

Tudor Oak’s workshop specialises in fine oak furniture and we have been creating pieces inspired by different styles for more than forty five years.

A classic oak bureau can be a single piece of reproduction furniture in an eclectic interior, as well as one of several pieces of oak furniture of the same style. The exact design of the bureau depends on an individual taste and the size of the space, because each piece of Tudor Oak furniture is made individually to order.

An oak bureau that Tudor Oak would make for you, will reflect your character and create an ideal environment for work.

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