Desk Chairs

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Here we present our carefully selected range of oak desk chairs. You will love working from home every day because our office chair will ensure that you are comfortable. You will be at your most productive sitting in our leather desk chair. Our range of office chairs will fit perfectly with the rest of your traditional or classic study.

A large number of our contemporaries work from home, study or run their own business. Alternatively, many people just like having space at home, with a desk and a chair.

Our solid oak desk chairs will ensure that you would love sitting down to work every day. We will help you to select the finishing touch for your chair. You can cover your chair in leather, decorated with antique style nails. For a less formal look, how about high-quality upholstery fabric from one of our selected suppliers. Our upholsterer will fill your chair with natural fibres and upholster it with great skill. This will ensure the comfort and longevity of your desk chair. Unlike many traditional chairs, our designs promote a healthy posture and energy, whilst delivering comfortable sitting.

Our solid oak furniture for a home office will help you to create an ultimate space to work.

Browse our selection of bookcases, writing desks and bureaux to design your perfect working area. Any piece of furniture from our Study & Library section would suit a classic English home.